National Computer offers many services to allow us to completely encompass the demands of the business world today. We want you to be completely satisfied and taken care of with a single phone call. No longer will you hear that the problem you are experiencing is “someone else’s problem”. The relationship between your hardware, software, and connectivity (Internet/network) is a delicate balance. We understand this relationship, take charge of any problems, supply a solution, work with everyone that must be involved, and don’t leave out any details for you to take care of. We have the expertise, experience, and resources to handle any size project at a competitive price.

Let us show you how we can save you money over using your own internal IT department, and let you get back to specializing what you are best at.

A sampling of services that we offer

Custom Software Solutions and Databases

Do you have a manual process that you think might be better suited for a computer? Let our experts examine your business processes, and automate them! It’s easier than you might think. Our average payback on a custom solution is typically less than one year.

Web Design

Have your customers demanded to see information at the speed of light? Don’t have a clue how to get it to them? Let us put everything they need on your web site, saving work for both parties. Our preferred solutions are based on Microsoft technology for maximum compatibility.


We sell over 50,000 products, and stock those “hard to find” items. Let us show you how our custom built computer systems are built to last.

Consulting Services

We can show you how to structure your computer environment to best suit your current business needs, as well as carry you through growth into the future. It is this future vision that sets National Computer apart from our competitors.

24x7 Emergency Services

Trouble happens at the most inopportune times. We have a knowledgeable service tech waiting to serve you.

Printer, Scanner and Computer Repair

We service all makes a models, and can typically repair it either in our office or on-site the SAME DAY!

Remote access solutions

Let us plan a solution for your remote users either traveling or at home.

Data backup solutions

It’s not if it will crash, but when. Backups are critical to the long term survival of a company. Let us structure a backup plan that is both complete and forward looking enough to bring you back up quickly in the worst of disasters. One of our backup services includes nightly off-site backups to our servers via the Internet.

Virus/Spyware protection & Employee Security Training

Let us show you the easiest way to keep the latest threats from destroying your entire network.
Are employees clicking on those random emails exposing you to ransomware?  Let us send harmless simulations to all of your team!  We will report back to you who your biggest security threats are, and can even help with training!

Data / Telephone Cabling + Fiber Optics

Adding an employee or cleaning up the “spaghetti” ? Let us do it right, and plan for the future.  We specialize in fiber optic, CAT6, and old school telephone wiring as well!

Wireless Connectivity

Either across the hallway, or across the globe, let us show you how to seamlessly connect your computers.